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Tablet Decor Configurator

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Tablet Decor 3D Furniture Configurator.

With TD Furniture Now It’s Possible To Design Furniture for Every Personal Preference!

A crucial element of furniture sales is having the capability to customize furniture based upon the indivual client’s needs and desires. TD Furniture has a unique way of presenting products. TD Furniture enables your customers to design a sofa based upon the variables in their home to meet the preferences of their lifestyles. Thanks to the modular structure and finish control, you can easily offer infinite combinations; navigating only with a touch of a finger.

IDM + 3D = Tablet Dekor.


Realistic 3D Product Configurator

  • 3D Interactive Vendor Catalog
  • Realtime Light & Shadow Calculation
  • Drag & Drop 3D Product Placement
  • Appropriate 3D Product Recommendation
  • Decision Control Panel & Query Selection
  • 3D Design Measurement

3D Fabric & Leather Visualizations

  • High Quality Upholstery Visualization On 3D Sphere
  • Drag & Drop Upholstery Changes Multiple Seamless Texture Usage
  • Complex Material Surface Reflection & Refraction Display For Different Material Properties

2D Planning – Configuration & Design

  • 3D To 2D Design Converting
  • Drag & Drop 2D Product Placement
  • Auto Product Placement By Product Type
  • Appropriate 2D Product Recommendation
  • 2D Product Measurement
  • Decision Control Panel & Query Selection

Customer Management & Sales

  • Sales Process Status Control And Follow Up Customer Management & Reporting
  • Estimate – Sales Order – Purchase Order Management
  • Automatic Price Calculation Based On Information From The XML Vendor Catalog

360° Configuration Room

Tablet Dekor is the world’s first 3d configurator which has 360 degree configuration room.

  • User Interaction
  • Detecting user’s hand gesture
  • virtual objects touch and configuration with hand gestures
  • 360 degree handling of virtual objects