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Tablet Dekor AR – Augmented Reality.

Let Your Customers Superimpose Your 3D Product Images to Their Real World.

Markerless Augmented Reality 3D Product Configuration System.

Web AR Live Experience.

Click on the 3D models

Augmented Reality Configurator

You can use all of the IDM configuration capabilities within the AR experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Support

Within the AR experience, functions that enable the 3D object to adjust itself according to the environmental light and physical environment effects are added.

Customer AR Experience

With the experience of augmented reality, the configurable 3D objects can be experienced by end users.

Benefits of augmented reality in furniture

Overall, using augmented reality applications businesses can:

  1. Personalize shopping experiences
  2. Entertain and amaze customers
  3. Engage and retain customers
  4. Be ahead of the competition

While customers can enjoy AR tools in such ways as:

  1. Find and try products remotely
  2. Explore brand new ways to shop
  3. Making more informed purchasing decisions
  4. Combine buying with entertainment

For furniture retailers, the approach of ‘try before you buy’ is crucial and this option for customers is a winning ticket. Offering this yet futuristic technology of AR is of news value alone, to begin with. The mere fact that a retailer has an AR app instantly gets the attention and potentially increase sales. To prove this point, a good example is GAP chain of stores, that opened up augmented dressing rooms, got big publicity and higher traffic to their website in a result.

AR is also a fine tool for personalization of customer needs, especially when it comes to  furniture. Shoppers really want the ability to see how the items will look at their homes or offices. Source Thinkmobiles 2019