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3D Modeling

Suitable for mobile platforms

With our extremely talented 3D artistic team, we provide extraordinary quality High & Low Polygon 3D Modeling services worldwide. We achieved a high level of success in 3D modeling with Unwrap Map Processing, a high visual quality, low polygons for virtual and augmented reality studies specifically for mobile devices.

3D Interior Design & Rendering

Photorealistic VRAY Rendering for Professional Presentations

Based on your requests and technical information, our professional project team models the project in a 3DsMax environment to create photorealistic images.


Fabric, Wood, and Veneer Scanning

Material Management and Texture Tiling

Scanning is performed with the devices based on the characteristics of fabric and wood materials.
After scanning; specular, bump, displacement maps are prepared according to the surface characteristics. With Tiling Scan it becomes applicable to infinitive surfaces.
Digital files are finally optimized for multi-layer material usage in 3D programs.