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Tablet Dekor 3D Furniture Configurator

With TD Furniture Now It’s Possible To Design Furniture for Every Personal Preference!

A crucial element of furniture sales is having the capability to customize furniture based upon the individual client’s needs and desires. TD Furniture has a unique way of presenting products. TD Furniture enables your customers to design a sofa based upon the variables in their home to meet the preferences of their lifestyles. Thanks to the modular structure and finish control, you can easily offer infinite combinations; navigating only with a touch of a finger.

Tablet Dekor Designer

How About Turning a Sales Specialist into an Interior Designer in a Matter of Minutes?

Tablet Dekor Designer Application is an IOS and ANDROID based software that allows your sales specialists to make 3D designs, product draping and presentations from a PC, tablet and mobile phones utilizing your company’s 3D product library.
The application, can be built using interfaces to suit your company. Allowing you to reach out to the masses throughout the world!

Tablet Dekor Kiosk

TD Kiosk Enterprise Version for Impeccable Presentations!

TD Kiosk is an enterprise presentation platform. Independently, clients easily review and customize their product choices into 3D.
No need for one of your busy sales specialist.

Tablet Dekor AR – Augmented Reality

Let Your Customers Superimpose Your 3D Product Images to Their Real World.

With TD AR (Smart Catalog), you can transform your printed catalogs into 3D live presentations. TD’s technology, uploads products and videos into virtual catalogs. Allowing your customer to see your products in their AR home.

Tablet Dekor 360° Virtual Room

It Feels Like Beaming Your Customers to Their Dreamland.

With TD 360 Virtual Room you can transport your customers to the factory or to a sample prototype of a construction field. Although it seems a bit exaggerated, we are now able to give a tour of an entire store or a factory to the customers with the virtual reality platform.